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Do you experience feelings of weakness, anger and helplessness, when you hear about corruption, unbelievable conditions in animal husbandry, food scandals, environmental pollution, massacres, child mistreatment, violence, disease-creating medications, and other cruelties done by people?   

When I feel this way it is difficult for me to believe in the goodness of humanity. The shock is so great it makes it difficult to act. Initially, after the shock, comes resignation. There is so much in the world that is not okay, and where do we start?

information Information
Scandalous, Unbelievable, Inhumane

There are things that are unbelievable. 

Be careful! Some of the information shown is really shocking. But we cannot ignore it forever.

Before we change our behavior we must change our awareness. And this requires information. 

Together we are able to do so much.

Your suggestions are welcome!

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Everybody can do something...

Sometimes it is so easy!

Here, I will share information about actions that are easy to do but have an impact. These ideas are "light bulb moments", things we simply need to know in order to change our habits.

Your ideas are welcome! 

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eye The Vision
Connect people

To build an open-sea sailing catamaran that connects people.

The project "Heal The World" was started in 2004 and the construction phase will be completed in 2011/2012. All information about this project and my ideas for what follows beyond you'll find here.

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ship Boat Building


The genesis of the project. Considerations before beginning building. Questions about the boat-type, the process of building, the materials, and much more. Also of consideration is use, and the level of comfort. Dates, information and pictures. 

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news Building News

Currents here in the blog...

Here you'll find information about the steps involved in construction.

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user-worker Support

Invitation to support us / sponsoring!

For those who like our project and our goals, there are many ways to support us. There is a lot of work to do, and we welcome your participation, technically or organizationally. Sponsors are also welcome! 

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